If you’re looking for web surfing material, well . . . here you go.

Fellow Writers

  • Amber Argyle. Amber Argyle is a Utah writer being published by Rhemalda Publishing. I met her at LTUE.
  • Blog Ing. Ing is my brother, fellow writer, and an all-round great guy.
  • Life Is What You Make It. Theadra is a fellow writer who I’ve been in contact with for several years now. She’s currently running a group called the Word Count Buddies, which I have a link to elsewhere.
  • Loose Threads. Joseph Zieja is a fellow writer and member of the David Farland Writing Groups Forum.
  • Michelle Argyle. Michelle is an old college friend of mine. She’s published by Rhemalda Publishing. Check her out.
  • Oh, Who Knows…. The blog of my wonderful sister-in-law, an occasional writer and person of interest.
  • RJ Keller. RJ was in an online writing group with me once.
  • The Bleeding Garden. My wife’s writer blog. She’s a poet, and a good one.
  • The Undiscovered Author. Stephen A. Watkins is a fellow writer and member of the David Farland Writers Groups Forum.
  • To Eat A Peach. Miranda was in an online writing group with me once. I almost joined a real live writing group with her a while back.
  • Write On. Riotimus is a like-minded writer on the path to publication.
  • Write on the Edge. Liane was in an online writing group with me once.
  • Writerly Stuff. Nancy was in an online writing group with me once. She’s a fantasy writer like me.
  • Zoe Winters. Zoe Winters was in an online writing group with me once, but she probably doesn’t remember. She’s made a decent career for herself by now. Her blog is pretty darn popular these days.

Stuff I Like - Gaming Stuff

  • Codex Martialis. Codex Martialis is a combat supplement for the d20 system. This turns stuff regular, boring old d20 combat into something truly exciting and realistic.
  • Dogs in the Vineyard. A role playing game I’ve been dying to play.
  • Polaris. A role playing game I’ve been dying to play.
  • Song of Steel. A wiki for converting the Game of Thrones d20 RPG to the Riddle of Steel.
  • The Riddle of Steel. A roleplaying game I like.

Stuff I Like - Miscellaneous Stuff

  • HCG Drops. The company I work for. HCG drops are a great way to lose weight.
  • Mac Rumors. The latest news and rumors about everything Apple. I like Apple. Me fanboy.
  • Nillabyte. My cousin’s tech blog. You’ll like this if you’re into technology and related pop culture and want to discuss with like-minded folks.
  • Pandora Internet Radio. An online radio service that lets you create your own custom radio station.

Stuff I Like - Writing Stuff

  • Cats Eye Writer. This blog is run by Judy Dunn, who gives excellent advice on blogging and social media.
  • David Farland's Writers' Groups Forum. A place where (mostly unpublished) writers can gather to discuss writing and form online writing groups.
  • Storyfix. Story Fix is run by Larry Brooks, author of Story Engineering. His book revolutionized the way I think about writing.
  • Victoria Mixon. Victoria Mixon is a smart independent editor who gives great advice for free on her blog. She’s well worth following.
  • Word Count Union. The Word Count Union is a little writing group where we promise to write at least 100 words a day and post our progress on a regular basis.
  • Writer Unboxed. Run by Therese Walsh and Kathleen Bolton, Writer Unboxed features many insightful and successful writers and publishing professionals.
  • Writing the World. Writing the World is the official web site of science fiction author Kay Kenyon. Her series The Entire and the Rose is amazing, and she gives great writing advice on her blog.