Wicker is woven from flexible plant materials, including twigs, bark, reeds, and vines. Wicker has been used to make baskets for thousands of years.


Wicker is made from three main materials

  • Wicker from twigs—requires cordage to bind the twigs together
  • Wicker from bark strips
  • Wicker from vines

For making wicker from twigs, Basket Case supports four types of cordage—two from vanilla and two from Primal Lib.

Wicker comes in three sizes—small, medium, and large.

Small, medium, and large wicker

The coloring of the baskets might seem backwards at first. Remember that bark strips are the flexible inner bark of the tree after the brittle outer bark has been stripped away, so their color is the same as that of the tree’s wood. On the other hand, twigs are covered with thin, flexible bark that’s the same color as the rest of the bark on the tree. So bark baskets are colored like the tree’s wood, while twig baskets are colored like the tree’s bark.


Crafting. Wicker can be crafted into baskets. Small wicker makes small baskets, medium wicker makes medium baskets, and large wicker makes large baskets.

Fuel. Wicker can be burned in a furnace. Small wicker burns for four seconds, medium wicker for five seconds, and large wicker for six seconds.


In the config settings, wicker can be tweaked in the following ways:

  • You can choose to prevent wood-specific baskets. In that case, only generic twigs and bark strips from Primal Lib will be present (if configured to be turned on in the Primal Lib config). Generic twigs and bark strips can still be crafted into wicker, but it will be generic wicker that looks like oak wicker. If you do allow wood-specific baskets, then generic twigs, bark strips, and wicker will not be available.
  • You can choose to disallow small, medium, or large baskets. Doing so also prevents that size of wicker from being crafted. For example, if you disallow large baskets, then large wicker cannot be crafted.