Library mod for the Primalcraft family of mods.

Primal Lib is a library mod that all my other Minecraft mods will require in order to run. It has some basic items and functionality that provide a foundation for other mods to build on. Primal Lib is not meant to be used on its own.

Primal Lib includes:

  • Basic items that are used in multiple mods. For example, twine is a basic material that’s used in crafting recipes in both Basket Case and Darkest Before Dawn (in progress).
  • Basic behaviors related to its items. For example, you can configure vines and sugar cane to count as cordage.
  • Common utility code that all my mods rely on. For example, code that registers blocks and textures, functions that spawn entities and particles, and code that adds drops when breaking a block.

Items and Blocks

The following table gives a brief overview of all the items and blocks in Primal Lib. Click the links in the first column for more details on each item or block.

Item/BlockObtained ByUse
Plant fibersBreaking tall grassMaking wicker and baskets (in Basket Case)
TwineCrafting plant fiberMaking wicker and baskets (in Basket Case)
BarkRight clicking a log with an axeMaking bark strips
Bark stripsCrafting barkMaking wicker and baskets (in Basket Case)
TwigsBreaking leaf blocksMaking baskets (in Basket Case)
BranchesBreaking leaf blocksMaking wooden shafts
Wooden shaftsCrafting branchesBasic weapon and digging tool
Stripped logsRight clicking a log with an axeByproduct of obtaining bark


  • Primal Lib makes vines and sugar cane count as cordage. This affects recipes in mods that use the “cordage” OreDict term. You can also allow string to count as cordage (turned off by default).
  • If you break a vine block that’s connected to other vines below it, all the vines below will automatically be broken as well. This behavior can be turned off in the config file.
  • You can configure Primal Lib so that players are required to sneak in order to get any of the drops in this mod. This lets players choose when to get the drops. You may find this useful if you find some items piling up without getting used.