After stripping bark from a tree, you can separate it into thin strips suitable for using as cordage. In ancient times, this process could be very intensive. You would strip the bark from the tree with an axe, then strip off the brittle outer bark with a knife, cur or tear the flexible inner bark into strips, boil the inner bark strips with ashes in water, let them dry, and finally shave the strips down with a knife. I have chosen to drastically simplify the process for the game.


Craft from bark. You get four bark strips for each piece of bark. This means each log can produce 16 bark strips by default.

Recipe for bark strips
Recipe for bark strips

Remember that bark strips are the flexible inner bark of the tree, so their color is the same as that of the wood—not the bark.


Crafting. Bark strips are used by other mods that are built on PrimalLib.

  • Basket Case—Bark strips are used to make wicker and baskets. In Basket Case, there are different types of bark strips for each vanilla tree.
  • Darkest Before Dawn (in progress)—Bark strips can be used to make fireboards.

Fuel. Bark strips can be burned in a furnace for one and a half seconds (30 ticks).


In the config settings, bark strips can be tweaked in the following ways:

  • You can disable bark strips completely (cannot be crafted from bark). In Basket Case, bark strips are one of four items that can be used to bind wicker together to craft baskets. In order to craft wood-specific colored baskets, you must enable either bark strips or twigs.
  • You can prevent bark strips from counting as cordage for crafting recipes.