Cordage is a strong, naturally crafted string used by our ancient ancestors, aboriginal people, and wilderness survival enthusiasts today.

In Primal Lib, cordage is a general term to describe this naturally crafted string. Items that can be used as cordage in recipes is registered as “cordage” in Forge’s OreDictionary.

Cordage is often made by braiding or twining together the fibrous stalks of grass and other plants, but also various other plant materials, such as bark strips, roots, and vines.

The general technique for making cordage is to cut grass or plant stalks, then slit them open and sometimes beat them against a rock or tree to loosen up the individual fibers. Fibers should be cut when dry, otherwise they need to be dried out afterward. Then you twist the fibers together with your fingers or roll them along your thigh so they twine together in thick strands.

Here are some additional details and resources about cordage: