Twine is a type of cordage (string) made from grass and similar plant fibers.


Craft from two or three plant fibers.

Recipe for twine from plant fibers


Crafting. Twine can be used in place of string in all crafting recipes. Twine is also used by other mods that are built on PrimalLib.

  • Basket Case—Twine can be used to make wicker and baskets.
  • Darkest Before Dawn (in progress)—Twine can be used to make fireboards.

Fuel. Twine can be burned in a furnace for one second (20 ticks).


In the config settings, twine can be tweaked in the following ways:

  • You can prevent twine from being crafted. This will also disable certain basket recipes in Basket Case and prevent you from making fires in Darkest Before Dawn.