The other day I ran across an interesting piece of software that helps novel-writers who use Microsoft Word. The software helps you keep track of chapters and assemble them into a book. It presents you with an outline view of your chapters where you can drag and drop them to rearrange, and it automatically renumbers the chapters. (I imagine you could use it to organize individual scenes, too, if you simply call them chapters instead; the downside is you’d have many tiny chapters.) It keeps track of page numbers from chapter-to-chapter, and you can Find/Replace in all chapters simultaneously.

It’s called Chapter by Chapter. Maybe you Word writers will like it.

Novel Aid for Word Users

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Lady Glamis

That’s awesome, thank you :D


Interesting… At first look, I think I’d rather stick with either Liquid Story Binder or yWriter — if only because they *don’t* depend on Microsoft Word. Not that I have a vendetta against either Microsoft or Word, but I’ve used Word constantly for years, and aside from escaping some of the weird bugs (every program is going to have its own issues), it’s incredibly refreshing to use an independent program that was built around fiction writing in the first place.

If I hadn’t already found other things I like, this would probably be something I’d try.



I finished my head-to-head test of yWriter vs. Liquid Story Binder, and the massively detailed final post is up over at Blog Ing. If you’re interested.


That’s awesome, thank you :D