Welcome to my Web site. Everything on my site can be found via the menu at the top of the screen or the sidebar to the right.

I’m using this space primarily as a location for my blog. Click here to visit my blog, or check out the sidebar where you can read a specific recent post or see a list of posts based on category. Even better, get my posts as an RSS feed. This creates a link within your browser that is automatically updated with my newest posts. You can also get my post comments as an RSS feed.

I use my blog talk about my writing, my favorite music, books, and games, and occasionally my life in general (but I try to keep that boring stuff to a minimum). If you enjoy things like writing, gaming (particularly role playing games), fantasy books, or progressive rock music, you might find something you like here.

What happened to all the stuff I used to have up on my Web site? It’s gone. If you even knew it was there, I’ll be amazed. If you miss it and want it back, I’ll be even more amazed. Let me know.