Basket Case roadmap

This is less of a roadmap for Basket Case and more of a list of ideas I want to pursue, if I have time.

Most likely:

  • Support Biomes O Plenty reeds
  • Make it so the player looks like they’re holding small basket by its handle, and all baskets look larger when held
  • Make EntityItem baskets larger—they are too tiny right now
  • Make baskets require a solid block below them, like doors and carpet—baskets will break if block below is broken
  • Make baskets have facing, so you can control the direction of the handles
  • Better fix for this bug: Can put baskets in main inventory by shift + left/right click.
  • Set up auto-deployment to CurseForge

Somewhat likely:

  • Make baskets optionally weak/breakable
    • Baskets break when you stand on them (and drop wicker/cordage?)
    • Baskets have durability, maybe varies depending on size/material - make optional
  • Make number of slots configurable
  • Put lid on basket when it has contents


  • Add more kinds of storage containers, like barrels
  • Extra large baskets, 2+ blocks
  • Baskets can be dyed
  • Make contents visible in-world so they don’t look empty