What’s new

These are the release notes and change logs for Basket Case.


Date: 19 February 2020
Minecraft version: 1.12.2
Forge version:
Primal Lib version: 1.0.32

This is a major upgrade for Basket Case.

ATTENTION: DO NOT UPDATE BASKET CASE FROM 1.0 TO 2.0 FOR EXISTING WORLDS. This will cause blocks and items to be deleted from your world. Only install version 2 of Basket Case on brand new worlds.

Major changes

  • Basket Case now requires the mod Primal Lib. Primal Lib is my own library mod, which I created to help speed up my ability to create mods. I will be releasing some of these other mods soon.
  • Most items and blocks in the mod were given new IDs under the hood to follow better coding standards, because when I first started the mod, I didn’t really know what I was doing. This means that old Basket Case items will be deleted from existing worlds. Only use this version of Basket Case with new worlds.
  • Basket Case is now built on the latest recommended build of Forge for 1.12.2. I believe Basket Case is still compatible with some older builds of Forge for 1.12.2, but there’s a chance for buggy behavior if you continue to use older builds of Forge.
  • I refactored a lot of old, crappy code under the hood. Basket Case is now more stable and easier to change, and it’s less embarrassing to have other modders look at my code.
  • All recipes have been changed to be a little more intuitive and, in some cases, simpler.

New features

  • Twelve new baskets. You can now create baskets out of different kinds of wood. Each type of vanilla tree will drop their own kind of twigs and bark, and the baskets made out of these specific materials will be colored like the bark or wood of each vanilla tree. I think the new baskets look pretty nice. However, as with most things in my mod, you can turn off this feature and have only the old, generic baskets if you wish.
  • The default stack size for basket inventories has been increased. A small basket can now hold 64 total items (4 slots, 16 items per slot), so it’s at least as much as a regular stack of items now. Medium and large basket inventories have been increased, as well. You can tweak these values in the config file.
  • Unused basket ingredients are now furnace fuel. They have very short burn times, but if you have a lot of extra twigs, you could cook yourself a steak with them. This can be helpful if you find yourself collecting tons of excess items. (Note that you can already use the config file to control drop rates and require players to sneak to get the drops, which puts the power into the hands of the players if they want the drops or not.)
  • All items in the creative inventory are now in a nice order, instead of being all mixed up and random.
  • The basket inventory GUI got a slight upgrade, with the basket slots now appearing centered instead of on the far left.
  • Stripped logs now use the vanilla textures from 1.13.

Bug fixes

  • Baskets were causing suffocation if you walked into them at head height or jumped up into them. I fixed that problem.
  • The default behavior in Basket Case is that baskets can only be placed in the hot bar. I fixed a bug with this behavior where you could get baskets into your regular inventory by shift-clicking the basket while in your hot bar. I fixed another bug where baskets could get into your regular inventory if they were in the crafting table when you closed the crafting table screen. Note that this behavior can be turned off in the config file.
  • Normally, you’re supposed to be able to break a vine block, and all vine blocks below it would automatically break and drop vines. This wasn’t happening, so I fixed it. Note that you can turn this behavior on or off in the config file.
  • Baskets had really heavy shadow around them, especially if you put them next to each other. I’ve fixed this lighting issue.


Date: 21 April 2019
Minecraft version: 1.12.2
Forge version:

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bug where sneaking while breaking basket would duplicate the items inside. Now this will drop the basket and the inventory separately.


Date: 11 October 2018
Minecraft version: 1.12.2
Forge version:


  • Added/fixed recipes for obtaining bark from the crafting grid.
  • Added config value for whether drop chance of twigs and plant fibers should vary based on tool being used.


Date: 8 October 2018
Minecraft version: 1.12.2
Forge version:

  • Initial release.