LTUE 2011

Last year, I attended Life, the Universe and Everything: A Symposium on Science Fiction and Fantasy at Brigham Young University. I absolutely loved it. I learned a lot, and it really pumped me up to get some writing done.

Last year, the guest of honor was Brandon Sanderson, who is not only a good writer, he’s also an articulate and thoughtful speaker. Unfortunately, he won’t be there this year except to record his wonderful Writing Excuses podcast. This year, the guest of honor is James Dashner, a very popular author who I haven’t read. He was on numerous panels last year, and to be honest I didn’t find him a particularly compelling speaker. I don’t hold that against him, but it isn’t a draw for me this year.

Last year, the symposium was free. This year it costs a measly $20 if you register by January 28th or $25 after that. It might be a $20 you don’t feel you can afford, but it’s pitifully miniscule compared to other conferences, workshops, or high-falutin’ symposiums you might choose to go to.

I’m going to spend the money and go to LTUE this year. It looks like they have a pretty interesting schedule of events. The dates are February 17-19 at BYU. Registration details for LTUE are on this page. They also have an LTUE Facebook page.

What do you think? Is this something you’d like to attend?