LTUE Notes: How Roleplaying (RPGs) Can Help Your Writing

Today’s selection of notes from LTUE comes from the panel “How Roleplaying Can Help Your Writing.” The panelists were:

  • Al Carlisle. Al is a professional psychologist who specializes in serial killers. I think someone misunderstood what type of roleplaying the panel was about when he got assigned to this panel!
  • Adam Meyers. Adam is an actor who is starting his own gaming company. Their first product will be a supplement for Pathfinder. He also gave a presentation on historical weaponry on the first day of LTUE (it was a good one).
  • Robert J. Defendi. Bob has written probably hundreds of gaming supplements as well as stories.
  • Dan Willis. Dan is a novelist and I got the impression he wasn’t really into gaming.

Summary of how roleplaying can help your writing:


Seriously, that’s about what the panel boiled down to. This one was kind of a dud. It’s also the last panel I attended and the last in my series of notes. Sorry to disappoint! :)