LTUE Writing Conference

So I just heard of a cool writing conference called Life, the Universe and Everything. It’s scheduled for February 11, 12, and 13 at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, and this year the illustrious Brandon Sanderson will be attending. The schedule looks jam-packed with awesome panels and presentations. There are lots of other published authors attending; a few whose names I recognize are Dan Wells and Howard Tayler (from Sanderson’s Writing Excuses podcast), Brandon Mull, and L.E. Modesitt (other than Sanderson, Modesitt is the only of these authors I’ve read, and I really like his stuff).

OK, now here’s the best thing about it: it’s FREE. Heck, yeah. (Does that phrase give me away as a Utahn?)

I’m definitely planning to attend, at the very least on Saturday for Sanderson’s main address and live recording of an episode of Writing Excuses. With my wife’s blessing, I’ll take a couple days off work to attend the Thursday and Friday sessions, too. Maybe I’ll see you there.