Check out my blogroll! It rocks!

It struck me the other day that some of my readers may have looked at my blogroll (the links under Blogs I Read over to the right) and wondered “Why should I care about these other blogs?” Well, here’s why.

  • Aestril calls her blog “Oh, Who Knows . . .” Well, I know: it’s a blog featuring some really good writing that I think you’ll enjoy. Drop by and enjoy her fiction, and say hi while you’re there.
  • Blog Ing is my brother’s blog. Not much to see there, yet, but anyone who knows him will agree it’s bound to be some of the most incisive, witty stuff in the blogosphere.
  • Married to a Chef belongs to my sister-in-law, who, as you may have guessed, happens to be married to a chef. They’re both great. So are their pastries.
  • Normal Pains and Pleasures is my wife’s occasionally updated web log. Go see the pictures of my wonderful little boy and get a little insight into my family.
  • Ride On is my awesome cousin’s blog. He’s one of the busiest guys I know. As if full time school, working, and wife and new baby weren’t enough to occupy his time, he tries to post occasionally to his blog.
  • Write On comes from the mind of a fellow writer, Riotimus. You’re sure to enjoy his dry wit along with the occasional Jack Jackson story. “‘I bet you don’t have any smart-allicked thing to say to me now that I’ve crushed your laranix.’ Larynx, thought Rob Roberts, Larynx, as he sank down onto the tree trunk.”