Wheel of Time Book Covers in Dutch

Some time ago I posted images of the covers to all the Wheel of Time ebooks. Here are the covers of the Dutch print versions.

New Spring

0 Eeen Niew Begin


The Eye of the World

1 Het Oog van de Wereld


The Great Hunt

2 De Grote Jacht


The Dragon Reborn

3 De Herrezen Draak


The Shadow Rising

4 De Komst van de Schaduw


The Fires of Heaven

5 Vuur uit de Hemel


Lord of Chaos

6 Heer van Chaos


A Crown of Swords

7 Een Kroon van Zwaarden


Path of Daggers

8 Het Pad der Dolken


Winter’s Heart

9 Hart van de Winter


Crossroads of Twilight

10 Viersprong van de Schemer


Knife of Dreams

11 Mes van Dromen


The Gathering Storm

12 De Naderende Storm


The Towers of Midnight

13 De Torens van Middernacht


I think they are well done, and I know some people like them a lot . . . but personally, I’m not fond of them. They’re definitely atmospheric, but they are too generic for my taste. I wouldn’t even guess they were fantasy novels if I didn’t already know.

What do you think? Better or worse than the English ebook covers?