Bark is one of the starting points for making baskets and general purpose cordage.

All types of bark in Primal Lib

There are six kinds of bark. Each is technically its own item. This page covers all six items.


Bark comes from the logs of a tree. Each type of tree produces its own specific type of bark. Only vanilla logs will give bark—no modded trees.

There are two ways to obtain bark:

  • Use (right click) an axe on a log.
  • Place a log in the crafting grid with an axe.
Recipe for oak bark

After crafting, the log will become a stripped log.

After crafting bark

If compatibility with No Tree Punching is enabled (starting with 1.1.56), you can also use a flint hatchet and any mattock in place of an axe. You must click on the side of the log to get bark.

The amount of bark obtained is configurable. The default is four. The max is 64. Set to one for better compatibility with Better With Mods. (Prior to 1.1.56, the amount obtained from the crafting grid was always four.)


Crafting ingredient. Bark can be crafted into bark strips.

Recipe for bark strips

Fuel. Bark can be burned in a furnace for two seconds (40 ticks).

The mod Darkest Before Dawn (in progress) uses birch bark as an ingredient for making torches.


In the config settings, bark can be tweaked in the following ways:

  • You can disable bark completely (won’t drop by right-clicking logs and can’t be crafted). As a consequence, there will be no stripped logs and no bark strips. In Basket Case, bark strips are one of four items that can be used to bind wicker together to craft baskets. Bark strips are required in order to craft wood-specific colored baskets. In Darkest Before Dawn, birch bark is one way to make torches.
  • You can specify how many pieces of bark are produced from each log. The default is four. The max is 64. (Before 1.1.56, only the drops from right-clicking logs could be configured, and the max was 100.)
  • Starting with 1.1.56, you can enable compatibility with No Tree Punching, which allows you to obtain bark using a flint hatchet and any mattock.


Item Item ID Translation ID OreDictionary Terms
Acacia bark primallib:bark_acacia barkAcacia, barkWood
Birch bark primallib:bark_birch barkBirch, barkWood
Dark oak bark primallib:bark_dark_oak barkDarkOak, barkWood
Jungle bark primallib:bark_jungle barkJungle, barkWood
Oak bark primallib:bark_oak barkOak, barkWood
Spruce bark primallib:bark_spruce barkSpruce, barkWood