Bark is one of the starting points for making baskets and general purpose cordage.

All types of bark in Primal Lib


Bark comes from the logs of a tree. Each type of tree produces its own specific type of bark. Only vanilla logs will give bark—no modded trees.

There are two ways to obtain bark. Both methods yield four pieces of bark.

  • Use (right click) an axe on a log.
  • Place a log in the crafting grid with an axe.
Recipe for oak bark

After crafting, the axe will lose one durability, and the log will become a stripped log.

After crafting bark


Crafting ingredient. Bark can be crafted into bark strips.

Recipe for bark strips

Fuel. Bark can be burned in a furnace for two seconds (40 ticks).

The mod Darkest Before Dawn (in progress) uses birch bark as an ingredient for making torches.


In the config settings, bark can be tweaked in the following ways:

  • You can disable bark completely (won’t drop by right-clicking logs and can’t be crafted). As a consequence, there will be no stripped logs and no bark strips. In Basket Case, bark strips are one of four items that can be used to bind wicker together to craft baskets. Bark strips are required in order to craft wood-specific colored baskets. In Darkest Before Dawn, birch bark is one way to make torches.
  • You can specify how many pieces of bark should drop from each log. The default is four.