Stripped logs

In ancient times, tree bark was stripped from trees and separated into long strips for use as cordage. Because stripping the bark from a tree can kill the tree, only small sections of the bark was stripped off any given tree. In Primal Lib, however, I have chosen to follow the precedent in Minecraft 1.13 of stripping the bark from the entire log.

All stripped logs in Primal Lib


Stripped logs are obtained in one of two ways:

  • Use (right click) an axe on a regular log.
  • Place a regular log in the crafting grid with an axe.
Recipe for oak bark

After crafting, the axe will lose one durability, and the log will become a stripped log.

After crafting bark


Crafting ingredient. Stripped logs can be used in place of regular logs to make planks.

Fuel. Stripped logs can be burned in a furnace.


  • You can disable stripped logs completely along with bark. As a consequence, there will be no bark strips.
  • You can toggle whether stripped logs can be used to craft planks.